Southern California Fire Mechanics Association

2013 Eugene Robeson Memorial Scholarship

California Fire Mechanics Academy

Gene Robeson was a founding member of the California Fire Mechanics Association in 1967. He remained an active member from that time until his death in 2002. Gene served on all the Board positions, was instrumental in the founding of the annual Academy and served on the Academy Board and as an Academy instructor for several years.

The Gene Robeson annual scholarship shall be awarded to a member of the Southern Section of the California Fire Mechanics Association. Selection of the recipient shall be made by the Southern Section Board of Directors. The award shall include costs of tuition and all books needed for the classes as chosen by the winning candidate. Anyone interested in applying for the Gene Robeson Scholarship may contact any Board member for criteria and application forms.

Completed applications must be sent to the Southern Section by December 31st, 2012.

Applications will be considered on their own merit and may be considered even if all the allowing criteria may not be met.

Criteria: Applicant must be a paid up member of the Southern Fire Mechanics Association (SCFMA) and has attended at least four meetings during the year.

All applications must be accompanied by a letter from the candidate’s Fire Chief, Training Officer or direct supervisor, indicating the candidate has the Employer’s permission to attend the Academy.

Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years service maintaining and repairing emergency apparatus in Southern California and has the intention of completing the tasks to attain or renew the nest level of Fire Mechanics Certification.


Is an operator/engineer for his fire department, has a minimum of 5 years in the fire service and wishes to attend the curriculum indicated firefighter oriented classes or the fire pump classes.

Applicant must have completed part of the requirements for the mechanic level he aspires for.

Applicant has some of the ASE requirements necessary to that level and they are not past their renewal date.

Submit completed application and permission letter to: 

SCFMA Scholarship

P.O. BOX 8463
Anaheim, CA. 92812