Service Info: Proper Cleaning of Hale Gauges SB-181

Hale is committed to the safety of you and your community. To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and other infectious diseases, many users include gauges in their cleaning and decontamination procedures.
Hale gauge lenses are manufactured from acrylic. The use of cleaners and disinfectants that contain ammonia, alcohol, denatured alcohol, acetone, vinegar, mineral spirits, etc., will cause spider cracking on the lens. When cracked, the gauge face may leak or could be difficult to read, requiring replacement.

To clean gauges please see the following Service Bulletin from Sept 2010


How To: Final Inspection Tips and Tricks

Final inspections are huge parts of the apparatus purchasing process and are nothing to glance over. This month, we asked Bill Adams and Ricky Riley, “What are your key final inspection criteria?”

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Fire departments spend millions of dollars on fire apparatus. We learn how to drive them with precision, but how much time have we spent researching how to care for and clean these pricey apparatus? I’m sure most departments use the same equipment to clean the apparatus and make the same mistakes. It’s not our fault; we are creatures of old habits.

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