’03 E-350 Ambulances – Possible A/C Issues


’03 E-350 Ambulances – Possible A/C Issues Read Below:

I had our one of our ’03 E-350 Ambulances in the shop last week for the AC blowing hot. I found that the clamp on the oil fill hose extension tube had worn thru the pressure line to the rear air unit. It had also partially worn thru the suction line to the compressor. Both hose sets required replacement. We have started inspecting the rest of our fleet (not all the same body manufacturers) and have found that about half, so far, have some rubbing damage. None have required hose replacement (knock on wood). We are replacing the wire spring clamps with worm gear band clamps and "adjusting" the rigid lines for clearance. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Note: From a fellow fire tech

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