Below you will find the revised Dear Chief letter for Membership Renewal. This can be used to help justify the importance of the Associations for both the North and South sections.


Download it here in Word format: CAL Fire Mech -Update Sample Dear Chief Letter 5.2023





Plug it Safe: How Does the Emergency Plug® Work?

Whoever arrives first at the accident scene will place the Emergency-plug in the charging socket of the Electric Vehicle. The Emergency Plug will communicate with the car’s software by making the car think it is being charged. As a result of this, it will not be possible to operate the car or for it to drive off. Every Electric Car and Hybrid has a mandatory built-in safety feature that will prevent the car from being operated once the car is being charged. All manufacturers must follow this protocol and implement this feature to prevent serious damage to charging stations and high-voltage grids. The Emergency Plug has a plug on each side (type 1 & type 2). Using the Emergency Plug, all Electric Cars and Hybrids worldwide can be safely disabled. The Emergency Plug is user-friendly and does not require any special training.

Download the Product Sheet – Darley-Total-Safety-Solutions-Emergency-Plug-Sell-Sheet-2023-v1

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The 2022 CFMA Spring Academy will again bring Emergency Vehicle Technicians first class training with many opportunities for hands-on learning. This is your opportunity to network with other professionals and learn the latest updates, technologies and trends. Don’t wait to register. Classes will fill up quickly. Take classes to achieve certification or for professional development —but DON’T MISS IT!

FULL COURSE CATALOG –  2022 Academy Course Catalog
























  • EVT-1A Emergency Vehicle Systems
  • EVT-1B Electrical Systems A
  • EVT-1C Pumps & Accessories
  • EVT-2A Electrical Systems B
  • FM-219 World Transmission Prev Maintenance
  • FM-232A Ambulance Service
  • FF-501 Knowing Your Apparatus
  • FM-202 Detroit Diesel
  • FM-229D Cummins Engine Service


The California Emergency Equipment Showcase is your chance to get up close with the newest technologies and talk to the people who make them.

Thursday, March 24th, 12pm—5 pm