2020 Academy has been postponed due to COVID-19


Download the official press release here: cfma spring 2020 50th cancellation letter

Dear CFMA members,

As we near the start of our 50th year of providing Mechanics Academy training we’re in the middle
of the coronavirus outbreak. The Board of Directors has been actively watching News Reports the
past several weeks as the coronavirus spreads. COVID-19 has shaken global markets and caused
widespread disruption to businesses throughout the world. As the virus continues to spread
around the globe, many companies are facing the difficult decision of whether to cancel significant
events due to public health concerns. The threat of travel restrictions and quarantines is
something we can no longer ignore. We find ourselves faced with difficult decisions to make.

We have discussed many options, and with many of our classes filled, we find we cannot
guarantee we can mitigate the spread of the virus during the Academy. We’re all upset and
disappointed as many hours of preparation have been expended in anticipation of this Academy,
since it is our 50th year in providing this training. Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone this
Academy to a later date.

The CFMA board is working on several options but no real decisions can be made until the spread
of the virus is under control. We are all anxious to provide training as the Academy has always
done, but feel the health and wellbeing of our members takes precedence.

Please watch for updates on our website and Facebook page.

We know many of you will have questions concerning the class registration fees you have paid.

The board has offered 2 options:
1- Students can have their funds held and applied to the 2020 Fall Academy
2- Students can request a refund

Please feel free to call the Office at (916) 333-5044. The office hours are Monday, Wednesday and
Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. You can also email us with questions at cfm.academy@gmail.com

Joseph Pastore
Joseph Pastore, President
California Fire Mechanics Academy

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